Medical Kiosk for Patients and Medical Staff

Medi2Apps Kioks

Medi2Apps Kiosk

The Medi2Apps Kiosk App can do it all and it has audio prompts! All patients are identified by using RACGP approved 3 points identification. Patients can:

Self Check-in for Appointments (Complex and Simple)
Fill out a fully customisable New Patient Form with 150+ fields, with electronic signatures (which will be added to you PMS as a PDF)

Manage Appointments Onsite (Book, Reschedule or Cancel)

Update their personal details
Complete Digital Forms (Unlimited and fully customisable)
Voice Prompts

Provide Secured Feedback

Additional functionality available via Kiosk for Staff:

Timesheets / Rostering (Clocking IN/OUT, Approval and sending to Accounting)
Startup & Shutdown Procedures checklist (Used by Staff and Contractors such as cleaners)

Insightful Advanced Reporting

Additional functionality available via Kiosk for Visitors/Contractors

Visitor/Contractor Sign in/Sign Out Register
Insightful Advanced Reporting

Key Benefits

Don’t need to buy separate Kiosk for Staff/Contractors and Patients (One Kiosk does it all)
Easy to use
Integrated with your existing PMS
Boost Efficiency
Increase Patient Satisfaction
Reduce Queues
Improve Staff engagement
Cut Costs
Gain insight to your customer base

Why Choose Us?

Continuous Improvements

We have helped hundreds of businesses become more successful with our customised solutions. Why? We understand the importance of listening to our clients and finding out how our solutions can be improved to suit their needs.

Return On Investment – Focus Driven

Our solution is designed to provide a return on investment month after month! We understand the increasing need to cut overhead costs while providing quality care. For a small practice with 1.5 doctors, you should see a return on investment in less than two months for the monthly fees we charge you.

No Lock-in Contracts

We believe in our solution and know that it will provide a Return on Investment. This is why there are no lock-in contracts. We want you to stay with us for as long as it makes sense to you.

No Hidden Fees

There are no additional costs to use other modules within our Medical Kiosk system. The flat monthly cost provides access to all Medical Kiosk modules that we have available.

Live Bookings

Appointments are live from your practice management system, so double bookings are a thing of the past!!!

Low flat monthly cost

There are no hidden additional costs, so the weekly fee will get you access to all our above modules in our kiosks product (current and future which are currently in development)

RACGP Compliant

We understand how important compliance is for your practice and we take it very seriously. Our check-in system incorporates the 3-point identity check and we do not store any identifiable patient data.

Privacy and Patient Information

We take the privacy of the patients seriously. We don’t share patient info with any 3rd parties or engage with any 3rd party advertising using the patient’s data.

Included in Kiosk Product

  • Unlimited Kiosk usage
  • Includes Timesheet Module
  • Includes Startup/Shutdown Checklist
  • Includes Vistor/Contract Sign In/Out Register
  • Includes All Digital Forms
  • Fully customised New Patient Form & other forms with electronic signatures and PDF import into your PMS
  • Reporting Module

* T&C's apply. One time setup fee is applicable. All prices are x-GST
# Currently being tested with few practices - available soon to public at no extra cost if you get this module. Can't give an exact release date


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