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Medi2Apps Kiosk

Reduce your queues, Improve your patient data, Boost Efficiency in the Clinic

Our kiosk allows patients to Check-in & manage their appointments, Complete New Patient Forms, and Provide feedback to the clinic. Staff can complete their Timesheets and complete the start-up/shut-down list via the kiosk. Visitors/Contractors in the future can use the same kiosk to sign in/out register.


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Medi2Apps Kiosk
Online Appointments

Medi2Apps Online Appointments

Reduce your phone queues, Allow bookings 24/7, Increase patient engagement

Our online appointments system is easy to use and 100% live! So no double bookings.


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Medi2Apps Messaging

  • Automate your Appointment reminders, Save Time, reduce your no show for appointments to almost nil with fixed cost SMS
  • Automate your Clinical Recalls / Clinical Reminders not only to be legally compliant but also help to keep your patients informed with a fixed cost SMS
  • Automate your Re-books for Do not attend Appointments (Just a reminder for your patient that they have missed the appointments and to book another appointment) with a fixed cost SMS
  • Campaigns – Keep Patients informed on changes/information with a fixed cost SMS


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SMS Messaging

Medi2Apps Timesheets

Eliminate paper-based timesheets, Save Time, Get accurate Time Records along with approval, export to Bookkeeper/Accountant/Accounting Software

Find out how you can get access for FREE!


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Medi2Apps Web Design

IT  CreativeSpecialists who understand the medical industry!

Let us help you develop a digital front that showcases your business in the best possible light.


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Medical website
how did patients heard about our practice provided by Medi2Apps

Medi2Apps Electronic Forms

Forget printing, scanning, shredding, and transposing data! In a small practice, we eliminate about 6000 pages of printing.

Storage = Money! Our completed PDF’s are also smaller in size than scanned paper forms!


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Medi2Apps Marketing

Want to grow your business? Digital technology has a much higher ROI.

We have packages for SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content, and Posting.


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Digital Marketing
Mobile App Solutions

Your Custom Branded Mobile App

Don’t use a generic app that connects patients to your competition!

Your mobile app will be customised with your brand, not ours!


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