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What can you do to grow your medical practice?

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Grow your medical practice

Improving your medical practice can seem like an uphill battle when you consider all of the day-to-day admin tasks required to keep your practice afloat. You’re likely pulled in through various directions with little time to think about how to proactively expand your practice.

Medi2Apps Kiosk solution benefits time-poor medical practitioners by freeing up your time and streamlining unnecessary processes. For example, Medi2Apps can save your employees an average of 21 hours per month to dedicate to tasks that will see your practice grow for the better.

Grow your business with some handy tips

With this additional time, you could consider improving and growing your business in the following ways:

Check your digital presence

Too often medical practices overlook their digital presence i.e. their website, social media, Google listing, etc. With a simple digital “spring clean” you can ensure that your business is:

  • Mobile friendly – 70% of all internet usage is via mobile technology
  • Up to date with the appropriate Google business listing (by removing any duplicate or out of date practice names/details)
  • Maximising its social media presence. And doing so in a manner that adheres to RACGP compliance.

Review your performance

Knowing how to enhance your practice requires time to understand what to do differently. Reading your reviews to see what people have to say about your practice can provide valuable insight. Checking in on your patient reviews also provides a great opportunity to see whether your reviews are RACGP compliant – kick-starting the process to remove reviews about ‘clinical service’. Seeing how you could improve on your service offering could go a long way in maintaining a loyal base of patients.

Increase meaningful patient service 

Improving customer service by building a rapport with patients can transform the success of your practice. With time usually dedicated to paperwork and reception duties freed up by Medi2Apps, you might try introducing a policy where all patients are greeted within 30 seconds of walking into your practice. Face-to-face interactions will help foster a feeling of positivity towards your practice and staff, increasing the personalised level of service you can offer.

Employ some simple marketing strategies

There are numerous ways to market to the people who matter – current and prospective patients:

  • Social media – communicating your message, and what you stand for, is easier than ever. Spend some time on Facebook or LinkedIn to reach your followers. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to post, and how to ensure it is compliant with RACGP, take a read of this handy guide.
  • Electronic direct mail (eDM) – based on your monitoring of social media and how your patients engage with it, you will likely gain a more in-depth understanding of what they’re interested in. You can then tailor content to suit and send out via an eDM, to maintain a level of engagement.

Introduce Medi2Apps to your practice

Growing your medical practice can be rewarding and mutually beneficial for you and your patients. Introduce Medi2Apps kiosk to your workplace and gain the time to start implementing our tips today.

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