Reasons to Implement your Own Online Ordering Solution by Paper2Apps

Reasons to Implement your Own Online Ordering Solution by Paper2Apps

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Implement your own online ordering Solution

Online Ordering for Restaurants

The #1 question we get asked by Restaurants is “Why Should I Implement my Own Online Ordering Solution?”. We don’t usually get much time to go through all the reasons, so to keep it short and sweet our response is usually that it will save you money and help your business grow! However, there are a number of reasons other than this to Implement your own Online Ordering Solution.

Research shows searches related to a business name have a higher conversion rate. This means that when someone is looking for you online, they are probably ready to buy your product/services. You need to be ready to “Close the Deal” online! For restaurants, this is where online ordering comes into play. Many restaurant owners “Close the Deal” by using a 3rd party commission-based online ordering sites. While these sites do have their benefits, they also take a large percentage of revenue. It is a justified cost when these companies bring you customers. However, when the leads are generated through your own marketing efforts or repeat customers, it is usually cheaper to get them to order directly from you.

Another big reason why you should implement your own online ordering solution is the perks! The perks include higher profits, access to customer information, and the chance to encourage repeat business directly with the customer.

What we have noticed while marketing our online ordering solution is that the majority of restaurant owners are not happy with the amount of money they spend on commission-based online ordering sites. However, they have not looked into implementing their own online ordering system because they are either afraid of the cost, didn’t realise that it was an option, or don’t understand the benefits. So, we have put together a list of reasons to implement your own online ordering solution.

Reasons to Implement your own online ordering solution

People want to order online

People want to order food online! It is often easier, faster, and more efficient than calling up the restaurant. They can take their time to view the menu, there is no pressure to buy quickly and the transaction can be cashless (by using their credit card).

Improved Order Accuracy

Ever taken an order down wrong? It results in an angry customer and wasted time, effort & food. With online orders, everything is confirmed and there is no mix-up.

Better Customer Service

Having an online ordering system will reduce the number of orders you receive via the phone. This will free up time for your staff to interact with customers when they pick up their order. The result? Better customer service as interactions with the customer when picking up their order will seem less rushed and more genuine.


The product look will be in line with your existing branding. You can upload pictures of your menu items, which is great as customers tend to buy with their eyes. With your own online ordering system, you can make changes quickly without the assistance of another person.  Post daily specials or post a deal to increase sales during a slow period.

You keep the profits

When you have your own online ordering platform, all sales made through the system are commission-free. The money stays in your pocket! Paying a flat monthly cost, also allows you to plan for the expense.

You get the customer information

This is probably the single most important reason to implement your own online ordering solution. It is much easier to make the sale to a person who has already experienced your services. Along with their details to send them information about your specials, you will also receive an insight into what & when your customers are ordering. This will allow you to provide a more customised experience, which will result in better customer loyalty.

Won’t suddenly lose customers

3rd party commission-based online ordering systems understand that their most valuable asset is their customer database and they use it to make money! What this means is that if your competitor is willing to fork out extra money, they will market your competitor’s services to your loyal customers. Some restaurants are unaware of this and will suddenly lose 50% of their takeaway business in one week. This can sometimes have a huge impact on their bottom line.

Less dependence on commission-based online ordering systems

In Australia, commissions amounts are relatively low. The 3rd party commission-based online ordering sites charge around 10%-15%. If you look at countries like the US and UK, commissions are much higher. Overseas the average amount is about 18%-20% of an order (for pickup). Some sites already host bidding wars to increase the commission received per order and as a result, restaurants are sometimes paying up to 30% in commission to be listed on the first page.

An increase in commissions in Australia is very likely! Menulog was bought out by Just Eat for a staggering $855 million. Menulog was making approx. $22.8 million a year, although a large sum does not justify the price tag. What we can assume is that they expect to increase the revenue of the company (Menulog). This will most likely be through increased commissions and marketing to customers in their database.

Most often, the revenue from takeaway orders for a restaurant will cover running costs for the business. Commission based online ordering companies know this. They also know that you would probably be willing to pay more to continue to get those customers. This is why they have been able to increase commissions.

If you invest in your own online ordering solution and digital marketing, you can reduce your dependence on commission-based online ordering systems. This will mean that you can walk away from them or not be badly affected, even if their commissions increase.

Our Solution

We offer state of the art online ordering solution to be run in parallel and get more commission-free orders. Click here to see how our solution works?

Or contact us, we can implement the solution worldwide.

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