Marketing and Promoting your own Online Ordering Solution

Marketing and Promoting your own Online Ordering Solution

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Marketing and Promoting your Online Ordering Solution

Promoting your own branded Online Ordering Solution

If you need to do Marketing and Promoting your own Online Ordering Solution, you have come to the right place. You have made the decision to invest in online ordering. Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards reducing your dependence on 3rd Party Commission Based Online Ordering Systems, increasing customer loyalty to your brand, and boosting your business and bottom line. The next step is to start promoting your Online Ordering Solution.

Why you need to invest time/money into Promoting your Online Ordering Solution

The success of the platform is directly proportionate to how well you promote and encourage your customers to use the system. If your customers don’t know that the product exists or there is no real benefit to using it, why would they use it? We have put together a list of the ways you can start promoting your online ordering solution.

Social Media Posts

If you have implemented the Paper2Apps restaurant ordering solution, then we would have integrated the system to your Facebook page. There will be an Order button, along with a shop now button that will allow your customers to order directly from your Facebook page.

Make sure that you tell your likers/followers/friends on all your social media platform about the new functionality by posting about it.

Don’t stop at just one post, you don’t want people to miss it. On Twitter and Facebook, you can also set your announcement to the top of your page, so people can see it when they visit your site. You simply go to the post you want to prioritise > click the arrow in the top-right corner > Select Pin to Top.

Provide Offers and Discount

Nothing motivates people like money or saving money.  With the Paper2Apps Restaurant Online Ordering Solution, you can create fantastic deals and offers in a matter of minutes. Make sure that you offer deals that at the very least are on par with the offers you give to customers coming through 3rd party sites. The preference is that you give your customers an incentive to use your system over the 3rd party site. Something as little as 5% off all online orders for returning customers or free delivery will encourage customers to order through your platform.

Email Marketing/Build your own customer database

Don’t just use Commission based ordering system like (Uber eats, Menulog, Eat now, Foodora, Deliveroo, Justeats, etc). You are effectively paying them a commission to build their customer database. They don’t share customer information with you, we believe in the long term this is where the value is. Your Business, Your Customer, Our Solutions. Once you build up a customer database, you can send your customers weekly, fortnightly, or monthly emails with offers and deals. Let them know about a special event or just what beliefs you have been supporting. If you send the emails through a marketing software product, you can automatically send your customers birthday offers or remind them to visit the store if you haven’t seen them in a while.

Post an In-Store Flyer

Flyers are a great way to advertise your new online ordering solution. Make them catchy and hang them up at the store entrances and anywhere else in the store that has high foot traffic.  Adding pictures of your food is a great way to catch people’s attention. If you want to add a bit of technology, create and include some QR Codes.

Tell your customers

Do it old school and get your staff to tell each customer that comes into the store that you have a new online ordering system.

Print Stickers

Create “no open” seal stickers. It will offer the customers peace of mind that the meal has not been opened since it was packed and it is a great way to let people know they can order online.  We can print 1000 stickers for as little as $150.

Print on Receipts

If you use a computerised system for your receipts, you can customise what appears on the tax invoice. Add a QR code and or link with a special offer (i.e. 20% off for new customers) by ordering online.

Create Promo Cards

Promo cards can be put on dine-in tables to let customers know that you offer online ordering. You can also slip the promo card inside the bag of each takeaway order. Including promo codes on the card will encourage them to keep it for later use.

Digital Marketing

There are so many mediums to promote your business and online ordering solution. Social Media Marketing is probably the most cost-effective method for restaurants. However, investing in search marketing to protect your brand is a great way to get customers to order through your platform.

Implement a loyalty program

What better way is there to thank and reward your loyal customers, than by giving special treatment and/or free stuff? Your online ordering system should be able to handle the equivalent of the punch card promo (i.e. buy 7 meals and get the next meal worth $X free) at the very least.

If you are interested in implementing an online ordering solution, then we can help! We not only set up the system for you but try to do everything possible to help you succeed. Our solution cost is month-to-month with no lock-in periods. So, there is absolutely no reason to stay with us unless it works for you. We will make sure it works for you, so we can be in business with you. If you are not with us, please look at our solution here 


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