Why Your Paid Ad is not Appearing in Search Results!

Why Your Paid Ad is not Appearing in Search Results!

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Paid Ad is not Appearing in Search Results

Reasons Why your Paid Ad is not Appearing in Search Results!

So you have set up google ad words and you can’t help but check it out! You enter in some magic words and boom …. You are not there? At this point, you are probably wondering what went wrong? Don’t worry there are a number of reasons why your paid ad is not appearing in search results.

Top 5 Reason Why Your Paid Ad is not Appearing in Search Results!

You are not searching the right keywords

Usually, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Have a look at your account and see what word you are advertising with. Make sure that there are no typos in the ad or with the text you entered into the search.

Make sure that your keywords are active

The next thing is to check the keyword status, keywords should be eligible/approved. Any other status could be the reason you paid ad is not appearing in search results. If your keyword status is anything other than eligible/approved, you can get more information from the Adwords help page.

Budget or ad rank

Your ad may be eligible but doesn’t show up due to budget or ad rank. If you have a high search not appearing due to budget, see whether you can allocate some money to the campaign. If the ad is not appearing due to rank, then review your bids and quality scores to see where you can improve. The quality score is calculated based on your past performance. If you just started a new account, then remember that your quality score will be calculated based on other predictions rather than your past performance.

The results are personalised

Google is smart!  If you search for your own business on google but don’t click the ad, Google will stop showing you the ad.  From Google If you repeatedly search for your own business on Google but you don’t click your ad, you may stop seeing the ad after a while. That’s because Google’s system recognizes your computer and stops showing ads that it thinks you aren’t interested in.”

Instead, they recommend that you use the Ad Preview Tool.

Note: Also try running the search in an incognito window. This way chrome won’t save a record of what you visit and will continue to show your ad. It is worth noting that doing this will still affect your impression share, so we don’t recommend this.

You are not in the campaign’s target location

Each campaign has a location specified. Make sure that you have set it up correctly and you are searching from that physical location. The ad can also be set up to exclude specific IP addresses. If this is something that you have set up, then this is probably why your paid ad is not appearing in search results.

Still no luck?

Although we don’t generally recommend searching your ads, there are plenty of reasons why your paid ad is not appearing in search results. If you are still having problems give us a call! One of our lovely consultants can help!

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