Why Medical Practices Should Be Embracing Technology

Why Medical Practices Should Be Embracing Technology

July 31, 2018 Medi2Apps 0

Why medical practices need to  embrace technology

As a busy medical practice, chances are you’re regularly looking for ways to save time and money, while still offering your patients the quality service they’re used to. Embracing new technology is the perfect place to start. While incorporating new technology into your medical practice may seem like a task for the too-hard basket, it can significantly improve efficiencies within your business, helping you to work smarter, not harder, and achieve your goals.

Why medical practices need to embrace technology

Why medical practices need to embrace technology

Streamline processes and free up resources with software

Introducing new technology and applications that have been specifically developed for medical practices, such as Medi2Apps, can help streamline processes and minimise administration jobs like scanning patient forms, basic data entry, and document shredding, to name but a few. Without these manual handling delays and effort, your reception staff can spend more time helping patients, which will have a positive impact on your patient’s overall experience.

Designed to improve processes and free upfront desk staff, Medi2Apps can:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies associated with patient data collection, thereby reducing data entry errors
  • Speed up the process of collecting patient information for healthcare records
  • Improve patient satisfaction by enhancing your practice’s efficiency through the use of technology
  • Digitise processes and improve staff efficiency with no printing, scanning, or shredding of documents, such as new patient forms
  • Clean up systems for data handling and storage, and creating clearer staff accountability
  • Automate reporting and auditing process
  • Save your business time and money!

Ask us how you can get started with a Medi2Apps system today!

Benefits your patients will enjoy

Media2Apps seeks to make your job easier, and your patients’ experience better. Currently, with the Medi2Apps kiosk app, your patients will easily be able to complete simple tasks without the assistance of reception staff. Tasks such as:

  • Check-in for appointments
  • Manage appointments (book, reschedule or cancel)
  • Fill out New Patient forms with electronic signatures
  • Provide feedback
  • Update their personal details.

By embracing technology, you’ll see a significant reduction in queues and waiting times, and provide your patients with more privacy, which is a win for not only your medical practice but more importantly your patients as well.

Simplify the compliance process

Staying 100% Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) compliant can be difficult. With so much paperwork that needs to be completed, such as the constant updating of patient details and 3-point identity checks before check-in, it can be easy to see your compliance lapse.

Introducing Medi2Apps to your practice allows you to stay RACGP compliant, without increasing the workload on staff. Meaning your staff will have some of their time – usually allocated to helping patients check-in or out, make a walk-in appointment, or fill out a new patient form – freed up to dedicate to other tasks.

Medi2Apps also logs all information required to prove compliance and houses it in one spot for easy access and referral. All servers are hosted in Australia, so the data remains on Australian servers – and RACGP compliant­ ­– through a 3-point identity check.

Technology to improve, not threaten, your job

A common misconception people have about introducing a product like Medi2Apps is that they will lose their job to a “machine”. That is not the case – a machine cannot replace humans in medical practices. We are simply facilitating a move away from mundane work, such as data entry, so that you can focus on things that will add value to the business, such as improved customer service and patient care, and effective marketing.

Future-proof your practice

While Medi2Apps is already improving processes in countless ways, there are more exciting features to come. Medical practices and patients, too, can look forward to:

  • Online appointments
  • SMS reminders, SMS rebooks/recalls, and SMS marketing
  • Timesheets and rostering
  • Check-out Medicare forms.

Embracing technology in your medical practice will only improve your productivity and efficiency to make your job a lot more streamlined. Find out how you can introduce Medi2Apps to your practice today.


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